Tuesday, 17 July 2018


Designing our wedding invitations was one of my highlights of the whole wedding process. I wanted to create something clean and simple with sophisticated elegance using the colours we had chosen: pale grey, peachy rose, off white and copper. Being exposed to lots of types of wedding invitations in my career before the wedding I was overloaded with ideas and possibilities of what could be done - so it was both a blessing and a curse as it was hard to narrow down the countless ideas floating around in my head! In the end we both decided on a suite of stacked invitation cards hand tied with satin peach ribbon. The main envelopes were all written in calligraphy of course and wax sealed!

I was really happy with the end result and loved every step of the process. Although it was a long and time consuming effort it was totally worth it and like with most projects for our wedding - a real labour of love. Here are some of the photos Philippa Sian Photography captured on the morning of the wedding!

Sandra x


Wednesday, 11 July 2018


We've been having such hot weather lately that weekend day trips are on our mind! On the first day of July we decided to go to Mayfield Lavender Farm in Surrey especially as it's the perfect time of year for Lavender to be in full bloom!

We first heard of this particular Lavender field from visiting nearby Zinnia Gardens as a potential wedding venue back in 2016. Although we decided not to go ahead with the venue, we remembered there was a field nearby and told ourselves we would go back in the summer. The summer of 2017 was too busy for us though :) The field we went to was quite popular and there was a lot of people arriving quite consistently throughout the time we were there. We just had to pay £2 per adult to get in and then we could spend as much time as we wanted there.

The fields themselves are vast and beautiful. So even though there was a fair amount of people it didn't feel overcrowded at all and we managed to get some lovely photos as if there was barely anyone there!

Sandra x


Tuesday, 26 June 2018


I didn't quite fall off the face of the Earth but it may have seemed that way! The reason for my mammoth year long silence on this blog has been down to the simple fact that life got crazy busy...I was busier than I have ever been...ever. This meant I had to choose to focus and prioritise my attention and effort into our wedding planning/flat hunt/packing up everything I own to move/designing and creating all the bits and pieces for the big day. Stephan and I were engaged for a year and 8 months...and we managed to plan together really well in that time, spreading the tasks out over the months and never feeling like we were rushing anything.

That being said...the last two weeks before the wedding...wow. As organised as we were (and previous brides had warned me about this) the intensity of those final weeks leading up to the wedding day itself was like nothing I have ever experienced. Luckily I work well when under pressure and lots of people would tell me how calm and relaxed I looked, but little did they know about the countless to-do lists running through my mind everyday - from timings and logistics to the tiniest detail of one of the many items I was creating...colour, texture, paper stock, ink colour, printing techniques, props, putting together my styling guides for the stylist and deciding where everything would be laid out...it was a exploding confetti shower of thoughts in my head that wouldn't stop even as I would desperately try to sleep - most nights I would lie awake at 2am and would still have work the next day!

Looking back on that time of my life - I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. It has been the most rewarding creative challenge and seeing it all come together on that magical day was priceless. Our wedding was exactly what we wanted it to be - an extension of ourselves and our personalities and for that I am so grateful. All the hours and effort were definitely worth it and for it all to surround the fact that I was marrying my love - it was a dream.

So with a heart full of love and a head full of memories I can now finally say I am a Mrs!

There'll be more wedding posts and photos on the way but for now I'll leave you with this.

Sandra x

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